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Are Ledge Loungers really worth it?


The most trendy option for inground pools is the tanning ledge. A Tanning Ledge is a shallow area typically less than 12" deep that is ideal for lounging. Sitting on the hard flat surface of an in ground pool is not very appealing. This is where the invention of the Ledge Lounger Chair comes into play. The tanning ledge is a great idea but without the Ledge Lounger it just doesnt work.

The Ledge Lounger Brand was the first to pounce on this idea and run with it. They have positioned themselves at the tip of spear in the ledge life genre. From Lounge Chairs to Side Tables to Cahir Covers that you can install a tablet to watch your favorite show from while sipping champagne from your Ledge Lounger Chair is truly living the high life.


Ledge Lounger products are pricey but from what we have seen, the products are solid quality, not to mention they are 100% Made in America. Texas to be exact! Ledge Lounger has been alone at the top for quite a few years, but now other manufacturers are piling on and copying the idea and making knock offs off the same designs Ledge Lounger has been offering for years. In my opinion you get what you pay for and that is true with ledge lounger.


Ledge Lounger is a leader when it comes to pool and outdoor furniture. Ledge Lounger has developed furntiture for the tanning ledge, the patio and the floating in the pool. Everyone else is simply mimicking what Ledge Lounger has created.


The Ultimate Pool Float from Ledge Lounger. The Laze Hammock is a pool float that folds up to the size of 2 large Beach Towels. Portable, Comfortable, Simply Luxurious. Check them out here


The Ultimate Pool Float. Its like a bed for your pool. Enough said. Check it out here Complete Video Review of this coming the summer of 2023!

So when answering the question of is Ledge Lounger worth the price. I say yes. You may disagree and that's fine. If you own Ledge Lounger Products lets us know how you feel.


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