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The Podcast

The Pool Wife Podcast was sparked by a realization that after pools were built there wasn't much contact with the new pool owners and the pool builder unless there was a pool service need. This is partly due to short pool seasons and pool builders demanding schedules.


However there still is a need to help new pool owners bridge the gap from rookie pool owners to seasoned pool owners. 


To bridge that gap the Pool Wife has put together  a list of questions first time pool owners often have along with tips and tricks to make the most out of your new pool. 

The Podcast will consist of Pool Wife's ramblings and interviews with Pool Owners, Pool Builders, Pool Equipment Manufacturers and more.

Please stay tuned for more great upcoming podcast and videos!

The Pool Wife Podcast Episode 1

Tune in to all new episodes of the Pool Wife Podcast

Check out our introductory podcast below. Stay Tuned for more new episodes coming soon!

The Poolwife Podcast Episode 2
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