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The Evolution of the Tiki Torch

Say goodbye to the wicker Tiki Torches of old and say hello to the modern new version of the Tiki Torch.


The Tiki Torch has it roots in Polynesian Culture that slowly began to take root in US culture in the late 1940's and early 50's. With soldiers returning from the Pacific Theater of WWII an infusion of Polynesian bars and restaurants bloomed across the united states. With the spread of Polynesian culture came the famous tiki torch. Originally made of bamboo the tiki torch has been a staple of outdoor activities throughout the US for over 50 years.


I have to say this is a new one for me. I never new that Tiki was a Wisconsin Company but according to our research in the 1950s, a company in Wisconsin began producing aluminum torches for consumer use, obtaining a trademark for the "Tiki Torch" name.


The Tiki torch is still available in its original bamboo styling but the options for the Tiki torch have increased and reflect a more modern design. There are currently 16 different Tiki Brand Torches available from Bamboo to glass to metal. You can check them out here


Tiki Brand also offers table torches. Torches that are slimmed down and designed for use on tables. Add a little flair to your outdoor dinning with a table torch. You can check them out here


Tiki Brand also has portable fire pits. The retreat, the patio and the reunion are all smokeless firepits that wont leave you with that smokey dirty smell or bruning eyes from all the smoke @ your bonfire.

Check them out here

Tiki Brand Torches and products are always a great option for adding that fire element to your back yard, front yard, driveway or wherever life takes you. We have a great Tiki Torch review coming soon. Stay Tuned.


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